When I was a little girl my mother taught me the reason why the rainbow appears in the sky after rain and the seven colours of the rainbow…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. She, also, told me that the centre colour of the rainbow is green because green is the most heavenly colour. But what does the Bible say?

There are just a few references to the rainbow in the Bible. The first is in Genesis 9v8-17 after the account of Noah and the worldwide flood when God judged the wickedness of man with a flood that covered the entire planet earth and destroyed every living land animal and bird not inside the ark. God gave the rainbow as a sign of His covenant that He would never again send a flood that would cover the whole earth. My mother made sure we understood this is fact.

When I was in school I had a physics teacher who tried to discredit this account of the rainbow simply because he did not believe in the existence of God. He showed us the spectrum of light divided into the seven colours of the rainbow. However, all he had done in my estimation was he showed us how God did it, not why God did it. As sunlight hits the raindrops the white light is split up into a range of colours called a spectrum.

Simple Explanation of Rainbow

May I also add that the LGBT community have no right to take the rainbow as a symbol of their immoral and ungodly lifestyles. Besides, it is interesting to note that they leave out one of the colours of God’s perfect rainbow.

The next Bible reference is in Ezekiel 1v28 where it is linked to the glory of God.

Now turn to Revelation 4v3 where you will read of the emerald green rainbow around the throne of God in heaven. Now this must be where my mother got the idea of green being the most heavenly colour. A green rainbow in heaven! While it is fascinating, it may difficult to imagine. But what does it symbolize? I would always have connected the colour green with envy, greed, sickness and the earth but none of those things are in heaven.

Before I proceed I would like to draw your attention to an interesting nebula photo. As you look at this photo think about the description given in Revelation 4. The One on the throne was described like jasper and sardius stones. The Bible refers to jasper as a very precious stone and describes it as being clear as crystal (Revelation 21v11). The sardius stone is red. These beautiful stones are surrounded with a emerald rainbow. Now I am not suggesting that this is God’s throne in heaven but the heavens do declare the glory of God (Psalm 19v1).

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

Now back to the emerald rainbow around the throne of God in heaven. This rainbow displays the glory of the Sovereign, Eternal God. It is the sign of the Almighty, Covenant-Keeping God who always keeps His promises. Justice of God radiates from His throne. The emerald was one of the stones in the Old Testament high priest’s breastplate* and it was the stone that represented the tribe of Judah. It is interesting to note that Christ was a descendant of Judah. How fitting that we should remember Christ.

* Exodus 39v8-14. Emerald 4th stone mentioned. Judah was 4th son of Jacob. Genesis 30v35

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