People are Distinct from Animals

Evolution tells us that man has evolved from lower forms of life. This makes man an evolved animal. While it is true that humans and animals do have some things in common, e.g. their skeletons have corresponding parts, some animals can show affection and be trained, and their physical bodies were made from earth (Genesis 2v19), yet the Bible clearly teaches that people are distinct from animals.

Man was created in God’s image.

(Genesis 1v26+27; 5v1; 9v6; 1 Corinthians 11v7; James 3v9). This makes man distinctly different from animals.

The image of God is referred to as “knowledge”, “righteousness and true holiness” (Colossians 3v10; Ephesians 4v24). Clearly this original righteousness in which man was created was lost by the Fall of man (Genesis chapter 3) and man is now “desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17v9). But scripture continues to speak of the image of God in man after the Fall (Genesis 9v6; 1 Corinthians 11v7; James 3v9), indicating that the image of God takes in more than original righteousness.

The image of God in man is generally taken to include such things as spirituality, immortality, intellect and will, original righteousness, and lordship over the lower creation.

The image of God in man has been sadly marred by the Fall of man. Adam could not look at anything within himself or in the creation around him without seeing evidence of the true God (Psalm 19v1; Romans 1v20). However, “intelligent” men today use the facts of the very creation, which declares God’s glory, to seek to prove that there is no Creator God.

It is interesting that Genesis 9v6 views murder as an attack on the image of God. The image of God in man means people are far superior to animals, and is the basis for the sanctity of human life.

Man is both a physical and spiritual being

Genesis 2v7; Ecclesiastes 12v7. People can worship and serve God and are concerned about life after death. No evolutionist has been able to give any evidence that bridges this gulf between people and animals. Animals are not capable of communicating with God because they are not spiritual beings. People have souls that need to be saved (Matthew 10v28; 16v26;). Animals do not.

People have dominion over the animals 

Genesis 1v26. This dominion or rule over the animal kingdom is seen when Adam named the cattle, birds, and beasts (Genesis 2v19+20), and is illustrated today by people’s ability to capture and tame many animals. At no time have animals ever made a museum of human history!

Our moral responsibility to God demonstrates human uniqueness 

God gave Adam and Eve the responsibility of caring for the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2v15), and gave them instructions that they were to obey (Genesis 2v16+17). When they disobeyed they sensed their guilt (Genesis 3v7-10), and were punished (Genesis 3v16-19). No animal has this kind of moral obligation before God. Man’s ability to sin and thus displease God, and his ability to possess moral virtues makes him unique, for animals do not possess the ability to maintain or mar a relationship with God.

People can walk upright, talk, and write  

When God created Adam He made him a mature man with a perfect language.  He was not born as a baby needing to learn to speak. He had in his memory cells a perfect language with a perfect understanding of each word. He may also have had a perfect memory and been able to read and write. Thus it was no problem for Adam to name animals and understand God’s command (Genesis 2v16-20). Although all animals communicate, they do not talk and write as man does. Also, animals do not habitually walk upright as humans do.

Humans have the intellectual ability to create…

Humans have the intellectual ability to create, invent, think, plan, choose, decide, use symbols, and use tools. This is different from the built-in instincts of some animals. Adam was no ignorant savage, recently evolved from the animal kingdom. He was a magnificent mental and physical specimen.

What About Ape-men?

Many people believe that the evolution of man has been clearly mapped out and consider ‘fossil men’ to be the links between apes and men. When considering the so-called ‘fossil men’ one needs to remember:

  • Ape-like reconstructions drawn by artists may be wrong.
  • ‘Fossil men’ are either men or apes; there are no intermediate links.
  • Variations in human structure exist today as well as in fossil men.
  • Fossils of men and apes are often found together. This agrees better with Biblical creationism than with evolution.
  • God did not create man in the image of animals; rather He created him in His own image.

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