Once all Noah’s family and all the animals were safely inside the ark and God had shut the door, the floodwaters started to rise.

Where did all the Waters come from?

Take time to look up the Bible verses if you want to really benefit from this study

Genesis 7v11-12 tells us that the 2 sources for the waters were:

The fountains of the great deep

Notice “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up.” When we read the ‘fountains of the great deep’ we understand that there was some source of water that came from below the ocean. God had previously restrained these, but He let them all loose in the judgement of the world in Noah’s day. Geysers of water, lava, and hot steam would have shot up from the earth as the ‘fountains of the great deep’ were broken up. After the waters covered the earth, and the world became one great ocean, the volcanic eruptions continued beneath the water for the continued period of 150 days (Genesis 8v2-3). Massive walls of rushing water would have resulted and caused vast destruction. This was no mere local flood. The earth was destroyed (2 Peter 3v6) and it would never look the same again as it did before the Flood.

The windows of heaven

“The windows (or floodgates) of heaven were opened.” This phrase refers to the miraculous intervention of God in sending rain. This was no ordinary rainfall – it was a torrential rainfall, the like of which had never been experienced before the flood and probably never after.

How did Noah Care for all the Animals on board?

Scientists estimate that large dinosaurs like Apatosaurus may have eaten up to 2000 pounds of vegetation per day, so how could Noah have had the vast amounts of food on board for these big animals? How did Noah stop the carnivores eating other animals on the Ark? What about ventilation and exercise?

It must be remembered that this was an emergency situation where God was in control. God gave the plans for the massive barge which was plenty big enough to house all the animals and food necessary for the duration of the flood. God brought the animals to Noah. God kept all those on board the Ark alive, for they were to go out after the flood to repopulate the world.

It is possible that many of the animals went into hibernation during this great catastrophe, and therefore would have required less care.

God would have guided Noah as to the correct types and amounts of food to take on board (Genesis 6v21). Noah probably fed the animals on grain and hay. Remember God created all animals vegetarian (Genesis 1v29-30), but some animals began to eat each other as the result of the Fall. Only after the Flood did God permit man to eat meat (Genesis 9v3).

The three stories of the Ark were divided into rooms (Genesis 6v14), which provided plenty of room for food and nests/stalls for the different kinds of animals. No fighting was allowed onboard! Only after the flood did the animals have a fear of man (Genesis 9v2).

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