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Swarming Locusts

locust "And I will restore unto you the years that the locust hath eaten" Joel 2v25 locust

Read about John the Baptist eating locusts

(Matthew chapter 3)

We locusts are not too big. But we can swarm together to do a lot of damage. We're swarming now for your full attention!
We locusts are insects. So our bodies are divided into 3 parts - head, thorax, and abdomen. We have 2 antennae on our heads. We have 4 wings and 6 legs.
God gave us mouths that can bite and chew plants. Each of us locusts can eat its own body weight in food every day.
Did you know that we locusts have compound eyes? This means we have hundreds of tiny lens in our eyes. So we can see much better than you humans!
We locusts have no lungs. We breathe through tiny holes called spiracles. They're on the sides of our bodies.
We locusts are only 1.5 - 7.5 cm long. And we only weigh about 2g. So we don't have a lot of weight to throw around!
Our young ones are called hoppers. They hatch from little eggs. They hop over the ground and eat plants. At first they have no wings. They shed their skins 5 times as they grow up. And their wings appear on their backs.
From time to time we locusts band together and grow bigger and stronger wings than usual. Then we move in great swarms.
Some of us are desert locusts from Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia. We're famous for swarming in vast numbers. There could be a billion of us in a swarm. And we can completely blacken the sky!
When we're moving in vast swarms you humans had better beware! We can travel thousands of kilometres. We devour every plant before us. And we love your precious crops.
The food eaten in one day by such a large swarm of us locusts would feed a city the size of Edinburgh in Scotland for a whole year!
We know that you humans don't like big swarms of us. But when we move like a mighty army from one area to another, we are hungry. We just have to eat your crops or we will die.
Remember when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. and Pharaoh would not let them go. God sent a swarm of us locusts to eat up all the Egyptians' crops.
We locusts don't have a long life. We only live a few months. So please don't be too hard on us!
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