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Hissing Snakes

king cobra

King Cobra

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

John 3v14-15

Read about Moses making a brass serpent

(Numbers 21v4-9)

Some folks don't like us snakes because we hiss. But please stay and listen. Don't miss what us snakes have to say!
Us snakes are reptiles. We are so cold-blooded. This means that our body temperature depends on our surroundings. So us snakes like warm rocks, sunshine and warm shallow water.
Us snakes hatch from eggs. We're independent creatures. Dads and Mums don't have to 'baby-sit' or feed us!
At times us snakes shed our skins. Our young ones just grow too big for their skins. So they could shed them several times a year.
Us snakes just love to eat other animals. And some of us even eat eggs. But the larger we are, the bigger the prey we'll eat.
Did you know that us snakes smell with our tongues? We lick dust with our forked tongues. And transfer it to our Jacobson's organ on the roof of our mouth. Here our sensory cells detect chemical signals. So we're really good at following the scent trail of our prey!
God cursed the old serpent in Eden. And ever since, us snakes have been slithering along on our bellies, licking dust.
Some of us snakes are venomous. And some of us are constrictors. Mess with us venomous snakes and we'll poison you.
The king cobras amongst us snakes are the world's largest venomous snakes. They've enough venom (poison) to kill an elephant. So you humans just don't stand a chance with us!


Always remember there are constrictors amongst us snakes. Us constrictors just love to give big hugs. We'll wrap ourselves around you and squeeze you to death!

pythonReticulated Python
But us constrictors hold world records. Reticulated pythons are the world's largest snakes. They grow up to 30 feet long. Common anacondas are the world's heaviest snakes. They weigh up to 300 lbs.
The anacondas amongst us snakes are masters of disguise. So listen how they can take their prey by surprise.
Us anacondas lurk in shallow warm water. Our eyes are always open because we've no eyelids. We can see almost the whole way round. So we've no problem watching our prey!
We've one huge lung, 12 feet long. And we can hold our breath for an hour. So you'll not hear us breathing when we're searching for prey! We track our prey's odour and body temperature.
Us anacondas have 100 razor sharp teeth. Our teeth are set in 4 rows. They're all curved to the back of our mouths. They're designed to latch on and never let go!
Us anacondas have very powerful jaws. We could bite through the hide of an alligator. We can unhinge our jaws to open our mouths really wide. Yes, so wide that we could swallow one of you humans!
Us anacondas like to swallow our prey whole. The skin around our jaw is elastic. It can stretch to over 3 times its normal width. God made our windpipe in such a way that we can breathe whilst feeding.
Yes, remember us anacondas are constrictors. We can squeeze our prey so tightly that it is like the weight of a big school bus sitting on the chest. This stops the heart and breaks bones.
Did you know that some of us constrictors have tiny hind limbs? They're said to be 'leftovers' from when us snakes evolved from lizards. But really we didn't evolve. Us constrictors just have reminders that God cursed the serpent in Eden.
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