I was born and raised in Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland and had the wonderful privilege of hearing God’s Word from earliest childhood. I praise the Lord that He saved me when I was a child and as a little girl I dedicated my life to serve Him. Since then, He has given me the privilege of living and serving Him in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

I am married and have two adult children. Together we are an international family: Irish, British, Sri Lankan and Chinese, all with the name French! But very simply, I am a wife and mother who seeks to glorify my Heavenly Father.

Teaching children God’s Word via Sunday school, children’s meetings and DVBS has been a very special part of my life and ministry. I long to see young people born again and growing in grace. This site was born out of a desire to help children and young people get to know and study God’s Word. However, I soon realized that my website may be more beneficial to new Christians who have a desire to get to know Bible basics.

Rhonda French

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