Some families seem to have to go through horrendous tragedies….deaths, murders, accidents, terminal health problems, bankruptcy, demonic powers etc. etc. Sadly, some families seem to have to face multiple tragedies. I cannot tell you why, nor do I truly understand the depths of despair that people sink into as a result of the circumstances they face. I have not sat where they sit and I have no desire to do so. Only those who have been in such dark places can truly say ‘I understand how you feel.’ But in this blog I want to introduce you to an amazing woman called Jehosheba who had to endure terrible tragedies and yet shone as a bright star for the LORD.

Who was Jehosheba? 

Jehosheba was a princess, the daughter of  king Jehoram of Judah. King Jehoram was an evil king who was married to Athaliah the daughter of king Ahab and queen Jezebel of Israel. (Remember Ahab and Jezebel were notorious for being so very wicked and idolatrous cp. 1 Kings 21v25+26). Athaliah counselled her husband and family to do wickedly. Now we do not know for sure if Jehosheba was the daughter of Athaliah or another wife of Jehoram. But either way she was raised in a Godless home where Athaliah taught and practiced idolatry and all sorts of evil (2 Chr 21v6+11; 22v3).

(Jehosheba is called Jehoshabeath in 2 Chr 22v11).

What family tragedies did she endure?

1. Athaliah’s 70 brothers had had their heads chopped off and stacked in 2 big heaps at the gate of the city of Jezreel (2 Kings 10v1-8). Just imagine 70 heads piled up! Ugh. Now even if these were not blood uncles of Jehosheba, she certainly would have known about them. I guess Athaliah would have talked about it in the palace.

2. Jehosheba’s father had killed all his brothers when he became king (2 Chr 21v1-4). They were her uncles. 

3. Her father died of a painful intestines disease (2 Chr 21v18-20). There was no big kingly funeral for him. But remember that although he was an evil king, he was still her father.

4. Raiders came and killed all her brothers except Ahaziah (2 Chr 22v1). He became king and after one year Jehu killed him (2 Chr 22v2, 7-9).

5. Then, Athaliah killed all the royal heirs, the king’s sons. They were Jehosheba’s nephews. BUT Jehosheba saved baby Joash from being killed (2 Chr 22v10-12).

Who did she marry?

She married Jehoiada who was a leading priest in Judah at that time (2 Chr 22v11). Jehoiada led the people away from Baal worship and back to worshiping the One True Living God (2 Chr 23v16-21). Imagine a princess from such a troubled wicked palace marrying a man of God! 

Jehoiada loved the Lord and instructed Joash in the ways of the Lord (2 Kings 12v2). Jehosheba protected her little nephew and no doubt encouraged him to live righteously before the Lord. Jehoiada guided Joash with great Godly wisdom. He lived a long life of 130 years and was buried among the kings as he was so highly regarded (2 Chr 14v15+16).

Jehosheba was an amazing woman! She was brought up in an evil home where idols were worshipped. She’d had much family tragedy….uncles, brothers and nephews killed. But she married a man of God and chose to go God’s way. I do not know what influenced her most to follow God. Was she broken through some of the family tragedies or was there some Godly person with some little bit of influence upon her in the palace?? But I do know that she did not choose to follow in the ways of her father. She did not choose to stay broken or bitter. She found her comfort and strength in the Lord.

My Conclusions

1. You can choose to follow God despite coming from a godless home.

2. You can follow God despite having had horrendous tragedies to endure.

3. You can follow God’s ways even when powerful leaders are implementing cruel laws.

4. It is important to choose a spouse who loves God and who will help you follow God too.

5. The God who loves you will give you the strength and grace you need.

Choose God’s way no matter how hard life is. He gives the comfort and help you need.

N.B. when I use the word ‘wicked’ I use it in the Biblical sense of describing something or someone extremely evil before the Lord.

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