I don’t know about you but I like to do things with the help of visual aids and believe it or not I use them in prayer too! Yes the Lord Jesus told us to go into our room and shut the door and pray (Matthew 6v6). In the morning I go to my room to be alone with God. And yes there’s times of intense pleading with God when no visual aid can help but when I shut the door and close the window I worship the Lord for who He is!

It’s often then that the visual aids kick in for me to help me pray. As I look at things they prompt my thoughts of things to pray about. I look at the bed and thank Him for a bed to sleep on and all His daily provisions for me. I look at the map of the world on the wall and pray for people and needs around the world, not forgetting the little country Israel in the centre of the world. But when I look out my window…. what a host of things I see to pray about!

Now the view from my bedroom window is so much better than that photo gives and I can see so much more. Here’s just some examples of what I see to pray about:

I see the fields, the trees and the cattle on the hills and on a clear day I can see the mountains of Mourne. I praise the Lord for His creation.

When I look at the many houses in full view from my window I cannot help but be reminded that I am in a little mission field in Dungannon at this moment in time. So many different nationalities and how few know my Lord. I must pray for them.

A bus passes on the road below. I picture the bus going round the town on a Friday night to collect the kids for children’s hour and pray for the children by name who get on at each stop on the route.

I can see Lough Neagh and think of the children near the lough shore that I taught earlier this year.

I watched the wind turbine in the distance turning slowly this morning to make energy. My mind went out to a family near the area where it stands, to pray for strength and energy and comfort for them in their bereavement.

Then, there’s the things nearby. The trampoline and play house in the garden across the road prompt me to pray for the little girl who plays with them. The neighbour’s car pulls up….pray for my neighbours. Perhaps someone who walks by. The bin…pray for the bin men. And so the list of visual aids for prayer goes on.

Now I do have to say that this is not the only way I pray nor are these things the only things I pray for but I think you get the idea of my visual aids for prayer.

Prayer is a battle but as I read my Bible I find precious promises and my faith is strengthened to gain the victory through Christ and His precious shed blood.

As I finish, I do not know if you have a view like me from your window or if you would benefit from praying this way. But just remember: Don’t forget to pray!

This was originally posted 2nd Sept 2017 on Google+

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