As I walk into town I often go through Church Lane. It’s a short alley way from the car park at the back of Viscount restaurant up to the Market Square in Dungannon. It may be a steep climb for some people but it’s a shortcut for me. I cannot help but notice the writing on the wall there. The words ‘They are all wrong’ are painted on the wall there. When I pass by them, they spark a train of thought, of which I’ll share a little bit now.

The words have been there for several years now. I do not know who wrote them or what they are referring to. Are they just the words of some song or are they a cry for help? Does the word ‘They’ refer to a specific group of people, eg politicians, town planners, religious leaders, or some rights activists?? Does the word ‘All’ really mean that everyone is wrong or does it mean that just some people have got it all wrong about some matter? (Mind you if it was about the mess the planners made of the Market Square a few years back I would tend to agree but thankfully they have rectified it a bit now). But what if it is a heart rending cry from someone who feels completely misunderstood by everyone around them?

Then my thoughts turn to the fact that we are all wrong by nature (Psalm 14v1-3; Romans 3v10-12). We have all been born in sin and therefore we all do wrong. Yes, we have ALL sinned and fall short of God’s standard (Romans 3v23; 5v12). Criminal, self-righteous, good-living, immoral, religious, atheist, whoever and whatever you are, we have all sinned.

But my thoughts do not stay there for they must turn to Christ the Only One who is not wrong. “In Him is no sin.” (1 John 3v5). He was tempted as we are but He is without sin (Hebrews 4v15). He is Holy and undefiled (Hebrews 7v26). He is the Sinless Saviour. He was made sin for us to reconcile us to God (2 Corinthians 5v20+21). Read about His sufferings when He died to save us (Isaiah 53v3-7).

The Lord Jesus is my Sinless Saviour. As a little girl I realized that I was born a sinner and that was why I did wrong. I could not take away my own sin, no matter how good I tried to be but I looked to Christ the Sinless Saviour and repented of my sin. What a wonderful Saviour He has been to me ever since! Do you know Him as your Saviour?

Yes, it’s amazing what a few words painted on a wall can make me think about!

This was originally posted 21st Feb 2018 on Google+

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