I was sitting in the car on Sunday evening at a drive-in meeting when I could not help but notice the swallows line up along the telegraph wires. It seemed like a big farewell party with plenty of chatter and excitement going on. They were getting ready to leave Ireland. They had spent the summer here, their young were raised and now their instinct was telling them that it was soon time for them to fly to South Africa for the winter. The journey ahead for them is long and hazardous.

You can read about their route here:

Swallow Migration

Yes, my mind could not help but wander to the fact that the Bible mentions the swallow:

Psalm 84v3; Proverbs 26v2; Isaiah 38v14; Jeremiah 8v7

However, the thing that I find most intriguing is the swallow’s instinct. I cannot help but wonder what goes on in these little birds’ brains that makes them want to fly thousands of miles every year. It must be very hard-going for these little creatures to fly all that distance but they sure have a great idea…get away from Ireland for the winter! They know their season to stay but which place do they really consider to be their home? Why do they migrate to the same areas every year? How do they navigate their way? It sure tests their physical abilities. How could this instinct of swallows have evolved? I cannot see it any other way than that God the Creator placed it in them. I find it amazing to think that as the swallows follow their instinct to migrate they are acting in obedience to their Creator. If only we had such an instinct built into us so that we would obey the express wishes of our Creator, no matter where He guides us!

As the swallows sit on the wire they chatter in anticipation and preen their feathers in preparation for the flight. Their season in Ireland is coming to a close and they must soon fly away. This reminds me that one day our life on earth will end and our soul will fly away. (cp. Psalm 90v10) and I am reminded of the song:

Some glad morning when this life is o’er

I’ll fly away

To a home on God’s celestial shore

I’ll fly away

I’ll fly away, Oh glory

I’ll fly away

When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye

I’ll fly away

Now irrespective of whether your soul flies away at death or you rise to meet the Lord in the air at His return, it will be a wonderful day for believers in Christ to meet their Saviour and Lord! Are you looking forward in anticipation and preparing for that great day?

Another thing, they take their young with them. Both parents have been actively involved since they arrived in April/May time….in nest building, incubation of the chicks, feeding and care of the young ones. They have seen their young ones become strong flyers and they are not going to leave them behind in Ireland. May I encourage all parents to make sure that they take their children with them spiritually. Dad and Mum, your children need you not just to provide for them and tend to their physical needs and education. They need both of you to care for their spiritual development too. Please don’t leave them behind to the devil, the world and false teaching. Don’t be content that just yourselves are going to that ‘better land’ of heaven. Do your utmost to make sure they also are ready to fly away one day to be with the Lord forever more.

So watch out for the swallows getting ready to go and make sure that you are ready to go to that better land of heaven to be forever with the Lord!


This was originally posted 28 Aug 2018 on Google+

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