This is a Talk that I put together for a Daily Vacation Bible School some years ago. Some of you may find it helpful to develop a children’s lesson from.

Monday – Sight

We need to see our sin

You will need a torch

What have I got here? (a torch)  What do I use a torch for? (to see in the dark)  

God has given you 2 eyes to see with – you can see beautiful things and things that are not so nice – but because God has given you 2 eyes you can see the light from this torch and the light shows you the way in the dark.

We cannot see in the dark, so we could stumble, fall over something and hurt ourselves.  The dark is scary because we cannot see.   We need a light to show us the way.   Then, we can see where we are going! That reminds me that God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119v105).   You see, we were all born with sin in our hearts and walking in the darkness of sin.   We cannot find our way in the darkness of sin.   We will just stumble and fall into sin, doing bad things and not doing good things.   We need a light so that we can see the right way to walk through life.   God’s Word, the Bible, shows us how we should live our lives so that we please God.   Use your eyes to read the Bible every day and you will see how God wants you to live.   You will see clearly from God’s Word the good things we should do and the bad things we should not do.   You will see your sin and how much God hates sin.   The wonderful thing is that we will not only see how we should live but we will see Christ who is the Light of the world.   He is the Only One who can save us from the darkness of sin.   Have you asked Him to save you from the darkness of sin?

Tuesday – Hearing

We need to hear God’s Warning and Invitation

You will need a toy trumpet

What is this? (a trumpet)   Listen to its sound…(sound the trumpet).   Did you hear that?   You would be deaf if you didn’t!   God has given us 2 ears to hear with.

Can anyone tell me what you use a trumpet for? (You will probably get the answer ‘to play music’).   That’s true, but in the olden days, trumpets had another use.   They were to sound an alarm or give a warning to people that they were in danger.   In Bible days, cities had big thick strong walls built all around them to protect them from enemies.   Watchmen sat on the walls to watch for danger.   If an enemy army were approaching a city, the watchman would blow a trumpet to warn the people.   The people knew by the way he blew his trumpet that there was danger approaching and they needed to do something to try to protect themselves.   If the people heard the trumpet and did not do anything about it – they just went on about their business – you would say they were foolish.

God has given you and me a warning – He says, “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6v23).   God is warning us that the wages (pay) for sin is death (i.e. eternal death in hell forever).   That means that if we do not turn away from all our sin, then we cannot get into heaven. Except you repent you will perish (Luke 13v3). God loves you, He does not want you to go to hell, He wants you to get saved and go to heaven, and so He gives you this warning.   We need to listen to God’s warning and heed it!   You would be very foolish to ignore God’s warning.

The trumpet had another use.   Sometimes the people had to be gathered together to hear some news or instructions.   The trumpet was blown to invite the people to assemble at a certain place.   Again, the people could ignore the sound of the trumpet and not heed the invitation.   The Lord Jesus has given us an invitation to come to Him to be saved.   Listen to what He said – “Come unto Me… and I will give you rest” (Matt 11v28).   As you come to our DVBS you have heard the gospel that only Jesus can take your sins away for He died for all our sins on the cross of Calvary.   But you also need to listen to the invitation that Christ is giving you to come to Him and be saved.   Will you heed His invitation and come today and be saved?

Wednesday – Taste

We need to taste God’s Salvation

You will need a lemon and a pot of honey

What have I got here? (a lemon)   Would any of you like to taste a bit of lemon? Why not? (It’s bitter)

Did you know that God gave you over 3000 taste buds on your tongue so that you could taste if a thing is sweet, salty, sour or bitter.   Lemons are so very bitter that you would probably turn your face up, as you taste it!   Lemons are nice to look at but they are not nice to taste!   They are so bitter.   The bitter lemon reminds me that sin is bitter.   Sin might seem sweet at first but as you get deeper into sin it will get very bitter.   Perhaps you think it great fun to steal some sweets from your local shop.   But if you let that sin grow you could end up in prison for stealing some big thing.

What is this? (a jar of honey)   Anyone here like honey?   What does honey taste like – is it sour, bitter, sweet or salty? (sweet)   God’s Word is sweeter than the honey (Psalm 19v10).   God’s Word not only tells us how we should live our lives, but God’s Word brings sweet comfort to those who feel sad, sick or hurt and it brings sweet encouragement to those who feel down and in need of strength to keep on living for Jesus.   But the Bible tells us the sweetest story that ever was told – John 3v16.   God loved you and me so much that He sent His Son from all the beauty and splendour of heaven down to this old sinful world to die on the cross to save us from our sins.   Christ willingly came to earth and shed His blood for us so that if we believe on Him we will not perish in hell but we have everlasting life and one day we will go to heaven to live with the Lord Jesus.   Do you taste a little bit of God’s Word every day to learn more of Christ and to receive sweet comfort and encouragement from Him?   God’s Word tells us “O taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34v8).   Truly the Lord is good to us.   He has given us His Word to tell us the only way to be saved from sin – through Christ.   It is not enough to know about God’s salvation.  You must come and taste of it for yourself.   Why not come and taste of it today by asking Christ to save you?

Thursday – Smell

We need to smell of Christ

You will need perfume and TCP (or something else that smells horrible)

I have a bottle of Giorgio Armani …(name the brand of perfume without actually calling it perfume) and a bottle of TCP with me.   Would you like to smell them? (In a small class spray a little perfume and, also, let them smell the TCP).  Which one do you think your mummy would like for perfume?   Why? (the TCP stinks)   Are you sure that your mummy wouldn’t like a present of TCP perfume?   Why do you think she would prefer the Giorgio Armani (or whatever brand of perfume you have brought with you)? (she likes to smell nice)   That’s right, she wants others to get the beautiful smell/fragrance of perfume from her – not the stink of TCP!   God has given us the sense of smell.   We do not like to smell horrible things – although, sometimes, horrible smells can warn us of danger e.g. smoke, burning rubber, leaking petrol.   We all like to smell nice things.   God has given us a nose to smell the beauties of His creation and to smell your mummy’s lovely perfume.

Did you know that we send forth an aroma from our lives by the things we say and do?   Our lives either send forth the stink of sin or the beautiful fragrance of Christ.   God is well pleased with the Lord Jesus (Matthew 3v17) and with the sacrifice He made for our sin on the cross of Calvary.   When we ask the Lord Jesus to save us and then live to please Him, the beautiful fragrance/perfume of Christ goes forth from us.   Others can smell the beauty of Christ from us and see Christ living through us.   They realise that our faith in Christ is real and they see our love for Christ is genuine.   As a result, they may ask Christ to save them.   However, if we are not saved, or if we are living a life of doing bad things, then we are not sending out the lovely aroma of Christ.   Rather, we are sending forth the stink of sin.   The stink of sin will never draw anyone to Christ but it will turn people away from trusting Christ as Saviour.   Make sure that you are saved and that your life sends out the beautiful fragrance/aroma of Christ!  

Friday – Touch

We need to touch the lives of others by Working for God

You will need sandpaper (or file or other rough instrument)

Anyone know what this is? (Sandpaper)   (In a small class, let the children feel it).   How does sandpaper feel? (Rough)   What is sandpaper used for? (To make wood etc. smooth)   That’s right.   Perhaps your daddy has sanded down a wooden floor or door or a rough piece of wall.   Once he gets it nice and smooth he can varnish or paint it and, then, it should look really nice!

Sandpaper feels rough but it is useful – it has a job to do – we have a job to do for God.   There is a work that you can do for God.   God has given you the abilities that you need to do the job for Him.   Perhaps you are good at singing, or talking to others, or listening to others and helping them, or working with your hands, etc.   Do what you can to work for God.

Do you think your mummy would like you to clean the windows with sandpaper? (No)   Why? (Sandpaper would scratch them all and you could not see out properly)   Do you think your daddy would like you to clean the car with sandpaper? (No)   Why? (Sandpaper would scratch the paintwork)   Yes, and I think your daddy would be very cross.   You see, sandpaper is very useful but it cannot do every job. Likewise, we cannot do everything.   We are to be labourers together for God (1 Corinthians 3v9).

As we do the work that God has given us to do, we touch the lives of other people.   Yes, we reach out to them with the gospel of Christ.

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